africannights lool! Let me try this. You’re that cute short person. Tiny nose,skin colour is chocolate. You wear/love bright colours and have a big smile? 😌

She must’ve been one of them females who forgot to live their lives because of him. Her life must’ve been all about him.

A woman should never make that mistake.

I went up to take some blood tests of this patient today. When I asked her what her name was,she kept repeating: “He divorced me. He left me.”

What a sad moment it was.

somkynian lol,I’ve seen your photos though…so I have a pretty good idea on how you look like. My talent is to “describe” how a person looks,maybe style and stuff like that based on their posts/reblogs & voice ONLY :P

Unfortunately,I’ve seen most of your faces though…it’s not unfortunate,but I mean…I won’t get to show off my talent. Bye

Dude. I think I can describe y’all (looks) based on your posts and stuff you reblog and what not. It’s a gift of mine. I will remember to write this under the list of my talents.